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The smart way to follow your training plan.

Achieve your goals and never lose motivation again with APITRAIN.

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APITRAIN is a tool designed by people who, like you, want to see results and achieve fitness goals in a set timeframe.
We know regular training can be difficult as motivation can sometimes drop, especially if you fall into the same routine of exercises and don’t get any sort of feedback after working out.

For that reason we designed APITRAIN, to help you make your fitness planning faster and easier, your workouts more fun and challenging, and to give you a tool to make you easily understand whether or not you are on the right track to achieve your targets.

Most versatile and flexible multiuser fitness platform

Create, view and share training/food plans anytime, anywhere using a computer or tablet.

View downloaded plans on an APITRAIN Smart Watch, follow personalised detailed instructions and save up to a week of workout results without needing to be connected to the internet.

Allowing users to track fitness progress regularly and adjust the plans if required on any computer or tablet.

How it Works

How does a PT keep track of client's fitness goals and progress all in one place? How do clients keep up their fitness goals and remember what to do in the gym or eat on the days they don't see their PT? APITRAIN brings this all together!


Depending on your specific goal you or your personal trainer design your own training and food plans, or use pre-loaded plans (developed by APITRAIN following advice from professional trainers).


APITRAIN smart watch will prompt you to follow step-by-step each workout of your training plan.

Your APITRAIN smart watch will also notify you when to eat and what specific meals from your food plan.


Following each workout view efforts via APITRAIN to determine whether on track to your goal, or you or your personal trainer need to adjust the plans.


APITRAIN prompts and guidance will make you feel more confident in working out alone and reaching goals.


Access to APITRAIN Fitness Database

… so you can start training straight away we have ready for you:

  • Over 250 exercises
  • Gender specific exercise pictures
  • Over 20 circuits and multisets
  • Over 20 workouts
  • Over 10 training plans
  • 2 food plans
Fitness Planning

We don’t tell you what to do, we allow you to:

  • Create your own exercises and categories
  • Link new exercises to your YouTube channel
  • Create your own HIIT circuits and multisets
  • Create your own workouts
  • Create your own training and food plans
  • Predicted workouts duration
Fast and Easy Fitness Planning

Because we want fitness planning to be easy…

  • Drag and drop exercises and circuits to create your own workouts in seconds
  • Create copies of circuits, workouts and plans.
  • Assign plans to multiple clients in one go [Personal trainers only]
  • Print in PDF circuits, workouts, training plans and food plans (including self-generated food shopping list).
Track progress

So you can see if you are on the right track…

  • Training logs with workout results (duration, BPM, Calories)
  • Body measurements and body fat calculators
  • Weight and BMI progress graphs
  • Effort zones graph
  • Provide feedback on workout intensity
APITRAIN Smart Watch

Forget your notepad and let technology do the work for you…

Training Coach Specific Features
  • Workout guidance (pictures, reps, weight, rest times, etc…)
  • Calories burnt
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Workout results and feedback
  • Track only function
  • Off-line mode
Manage Clients [Personal Trainers Only]

And forget about using complex spreadsheets

  • Add clients
  • Set fitness goals
  • Assign training and food plans
  • See feedback from each workout performed by your clients
  • Track client progress and adjust workouts
  • See clients dedication


PT Lite
PT Lite
PT Pro
PT Pro
  • APITRAIN Database
  • Clients
  • Custom exercises
  • Custom HIIT and multisets
  • Custom workouts
  • Custom training plans
  • Custom food plans
  • Assign training/food plans
  • Progress graph
  • Body measurements
  • APITRAIN Training Coach
  • PDF Plans Printing
  • APITRAIN Smart Watch
  • Up to 2
  • Up to 2
  • Up to 2
  • Up to 2
  • Up to 1
  • Up to 1
  • APITRAIN Smart Watch
  • £135

FREE / month
FREE / year

  • Up to 5
  • Unlimited
  • Up to 10
  • Up to 10
  • Up to 5
  • Up to 5
  • APITRAIN Smart Watch
  • £108 (Save 20%)

£4.90 / month
£47.00 / year (Save 20%)

  • Up to 20
  • Unlimited
  • Up to 80
  • Up to 80
  • Up to 40
  • Up to 40
  • APITRAIN Smart Watch/Mobile App
  • £67.5 (Save 50%)

£25.00 / month
£240.00 / year (Save 20%)

APITRAIN Smart Watch

Are you a personal trainer interested in offering APITRAIN smart watches to your clients? Contact us for more information or visit the online shop after sign up.

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RRP: £135

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